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osg.loadMore("0"); osg.params.fancSettings.buttons.thumbs, var fontSizetext = ((imgBlockW*mainBlockW)/100)/15+"px"; Geotextiles are used as mesh, netting and blanket sheets for slope stabilisation and erosion control. osg.params.fancSettings.buttons.close, }, A wide variety of coir erosion controls options are available to you, such as project solution capability, design style, and warranty. arrows: osg.params.fancSettings.arrows, window.osGallery4_650018756 = osGallery4_650018756; if (this.os_image_id){ history.pushState(null, null, href + '?' history.pushState (href, null, href.substring(0, href.indexOf('&os_image_id'))); success: function(data){ var img_index = jQuerGall(".os_fancybox-thumbs ul li:last").attr("data-index"); if ("0" == 'scroll'){ The rolls can be planted with native flora and fauna to help establish wildlife habitats and help to improve site biodiversity. curEnd = jQuerGall(container+" .osgalery-cat-tabs#4_650018756").attr('data-end'); } inProgressAjax = false; //if we are on the last image, and download is possible, block the transition to the next position // gallery settings autoStart : true, jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").removeAttr('disabled'); } BonTerra erosion control blanket made from coconut, straw fibres or blends of these natural fibres. CoirGreen® manufactures and supplies a range of natural coir products for the erosion control and horticultural industries. } osg.resizeGallery = function (){ If you have questions about fiber rolls for erosion control, give us a call at 1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote. jQuerGall(this).addClass("active"); jQuerGall("#cat-"+ data.catId+"-4_650018756, #load-more-4_650018756").attr('data-end', data.limEnd); var os_fb_group_count =; jQuerGall('.htmlWidthAsImage#data-html-'+id+' .contentInHtml').css({'padding' : 15}); } 'arrowLeft', else if (href.indexOf('?') transitionEffect : osg.params.fancSettings.transitionEffect, var href = window.location.href; }, var os_youtube_link = data.os_loadMore_result[index].params.substring(leight1, leight2); animationEffect: false, inProgressAjax = false; }; Find erosion control at Lowe's today. Erosion Control Coir Log Coir Fiber Rolls for Soil Stabilization. jQuerGall.ajax({ Our firm commitment to ensuring high customer satisfaction and achieving exceptional results, coupled with our knowledge of the erosion control and horticultural industries, allows us to guide clients with confidence in supplying coir products. } Salix have developed a range of specific species mixes for use in all types of water bodies. } else { jQuerGall("#cat-"+ data.catId+"-4_650018756 .load-more-hidden").removeClass("load-more-hidden"); history.pushState (null, null, href.substring(0, href.indexOf('&os_image_id') )+ "&" + id); var os_fancy_box = jQuerGall(this).find(".os_fancybox-"+catId ).os_fancybox({ Alternatively, the blankets can be stitched thread and polypropylene mesh. }); galId: 4 }, var os_now = href.substr(href.lastIndexOf('-')); Coir rolls/pallets are supplied with plants fully established – roots through to the bottom of the roll/pallet. } thumbs : { baseClass : 'thumb_right' //return value scroll for load more function if (! jQuerGall(container+" .img-block").css("width",imgBlockW+"%"); gallery.loadMore("0"); } One way to keep soil erosion in check is to install erosion control products such as jute matting and root barriers. jQuerGall('.htmlWidthAsImage#data-html-'+id+' .contentInHtml').css({'padding' : 15}); osg.reinit(data.catId, limEnd); Where to Place a Coir Log. Salix have developed a range of specific species mixes for use in … if (Number(os_now.substr(1)) == os_fb_group_count && jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").attr('data-end') > -1){ Erosion control blankets. Soil Sediment Control Products: BioD-Watl BioD-SiltCheck BioD-Rockbag BioD-Pillow BioD-Liner PAM Powder PAM Block. Erosion Control Products. Our available products are detailed […] Salix have developed a range of specific species mixes for use in … history.pushState(null, null, href + '&' + id); else if ( href.indexOf('&') == -1 && href.indexOf('?os_image_id') == -1){ 'thumbs', lm++; if(gallery_cat_id && gallery_cat_id.indexOf('cat-') > -1){ if(data.success){ animationDuration: '500', // end sharing script Natural Coir Products is your one-stop supplier for 100% biodegradable coir products which is used in the erosion control and horticultural sector. Our coir … else { } jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").attr('data-end', curEnd); var leight_imgHtml_2 = data.os_loadMore_result[index].params.indexOf(',', leight_imgHtml_1); if(loadMoreType == 'button'){ Oct 22, 2019 - Coir Rolls are an organic living revetment that provide erosion control and rapid vegetation establishment. jQuerGall("#cat-"+curCatId+"-4_650018756").css("display", "block"); if (jQuerGall.os_fancybox.getInstance() !== false){ osg.params.fancSettings.buttons.arrowLeft, //load more by auto dataType: "json", if (data.os_oneImgId){ }, var leight_imgShortDescription_1 = data.os_loadMore_result[index].params.indexOf('imgShortDescription'); jQuerGall("#cat-"+ data.catId+"-4_650018756, #load-more-4_650018756").attr('data-end', data.limEnd); //if there are less than 3 pictures left before the end of the array and if load more is possible, we call the load } } jQuerGall(container +" .andrea-effect .andrea-zoom-in").css({'width': sizeAwesome, 'height': sizeAwesome }); resulting sedimentation. osg.params.fancSettings.buttons.slideShow, thumbs : { }else{ Coir geotextiles promote the growth of new … var id = this.os_image_id; Coir matting erosion control blankets are designed to provide superior soil stabilization reduce the amount of erosion present and allow foliage and plant root growth. var os_imgHtml = ""; } } osg.resizeGallery(); Water-Lines ensure both adequate root ball size (50mmx50mm) as well plant spacing (6 plants per m … 'fullScreen', imgBlockW = ( (((mainBlockW-(spaceBetween*numColumns))/numColumns) )*100)/mainBlockW ; Coir rolls and pallets offer good tolerance to fluctuating water levels, flow induced shear stress and grazing by wild fowl, when protected by our weld mesh bird deterrents. Call today! axis : osg.params.fancSettings.thumbs.axis var curCatId = jQuerGall(container+" .osgalery-cat-tabs#4_650018756").attr('data-cat-id'); //append hidden data osg.params.fancSettings.clickContent : false; } end: jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").attr('data-end'), os_fancy_box_group_item_tmp.type = 'iframe'; //jQuerGall.os_fancybox.getInstance() Determines whether the modal window is running arrows: true, jQuerGall("#cat-"+ data.catId+"-4_650018756 .load-more-hidden img").load(function(event){ 2. li_cloned.attr("class", ""); img_el_id = href.substring(pos1, pos2); }, os_fancy_box_group_item_tmp.index = os_fb_group_count; success: function(data){ limEnd = data.limEnd; inProgressAjax = true; For any further advice on these products please call 01386 881493. //create a new object

  • osg.params.fancSettings.clickContent : false; Contact Us. osg.getImgBlockWidth(numColumns); Over the years, we have built partnerships with our diverse clientele, and growers, combining local knowledge and skills, with international exposure in the erosion control and horticultural sectors. We specialise in providing a large range of the highest quality products for use in river restoration, erosion control and habitat enhancement projects. history.pushState (href, null, href.substring(0, href.indexOf('?os_image_id'))); Natural Coir Products. } return current.type === 'image' ? Four Environmental Benefits of Erosion Control. catId: jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").attr('data-cat-id'), if(loadMoreType == '0'){ //get vimeo link var os_imgHtml = data.os_loadMore_result[index].params.substring(leight_imgHtml_1, leight_imgHtml_2); afterShow: function() { Itemid: '144', Slope Runoff Control; Erosion Control; Still have questions? }); if (os_caption_tmp.length > 18){ var leight2 = href.lastIndexOf('#'); We can help! jQuerGall("#button-4_650018756").css("padding", "2.5px"); jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").css('display', 'block'); if(naturalWidth){ Coir Rolls Brochure : Coir Rolls Specification Pages 2019 1.3.pdf: Coir Rolls Installation Guide (500 kb) Sustainable Coir: Effectiveness of Coir Rolls for creating habitat for Water Voles by Lucy Stoddart (13 MB file) Log in to download. transitionDuration: '800', View the Coir Log Informational Page.. infobar : true, gallery.loadMore("button"); Greenfix Coir Rolls are supplied unplanted and have proved to be a successful bioengineering erosion solution for many years. beforeClose: function(){ } var leight2 = os_caption_tmp.lastIndexOf('%22'); wrapCSS : osg.params.fancSettings.wrapCSS, ul_stile = ul_stile.attr('style'); if(lm == count){ else { of coir erosion control products provides adequate time for the development of a well-established root system which eventually offers long-term erosion protection. //if we are on the last image, and download is possible, block the transition to the next position osg.resizeGallery(); var href = window.location.href; Coir Rolls provide immediate soft edge erosion control to river banks, streams, canals, lake edges and ponds. Coir rolls are cylindrical rolls that span 12 to 20 inches in diameter, are packed with coir fibers (i.e., coconut husk fibers), and are held together with mesh. Nov 3, 2015 - Explore Sally Hone's board "Coir roll ideas for the wild bank" on Pinterest. 'arrowRight': 'arrowRight', var pos2 = href.lastIndexOf('#'); if(limEnd != -1 && !inProgressAjax && (jQuerGall(window).scrollTop() + jQuerGall(window).height()) > ({ osg.LoadMoreThumbs = function(data){ }, //initialize function Coir Rolls provide immediate soft edge erosion control to river banks, streams, canals, lake edges and ponds. wheel: 1, Read our blog post on the Top 6 Uses for Coir Products or visit the Coir Products FAQ page. CGgeo (Geotextiles) and CGbio is been used to prevent soil erosion, and is used for bioengineering …, CG supplies a wide range of products manufactured using natural coir fiber for the horticultural sector…, Natural Coir fiber is used as a raw material for many industrial applications such as for …. jQuerGall('.os_fancybox-bg').css('backgroundColor','rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.75)'); Coir netted bag could be either a diamond netting or geotextile netting. All our coir and jute products are manufactured according to the highest industry standards in our production plants based in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. READ MORE. var os_show_load_more = "0"; if(loadMoreType == 'scroll'){ Coir Logs are yet another innovative, 100% natural coir product finding application in erosion control and landscaping and protecting the banks of rivers and lakes. }); var os_one_img = os_one_img.substring(12); transitionEffect : osg.params.fancSettings.transitionEffect, var href = window.location.href; Our customers trust and depend on us to offer high quality products. var defaults = { var os_imgTitle = os_caption_tmp.substring(leight1, leight2); var os_fancy_box_getInst = jQuerGall.os_fancybox.getInstance(); Group Pre-planted Coir Rolls provide an excellent alternative to hard revetment to establish a ‘soft’ and effective method of erosion control or to establish immediate habitat. share : { else if (href.indexOf('?') var os_one_img = ""; osg.params.fancSettings.buttons.arrowLeft, The coir logs provide a barrier to be built up against in the water environments and allow for vegetation, grasses or stone to fill in the river or lake bank eroding away. transitionEffect : "fade", } }, if (this.os_image_id){ buttons : [ imgBlockW = osg.getImgBlockWidth(); Coir Mats (Open Weave Textiles) Our coir mats are 100% biodegradable, and we offer them in 400-, 700- and 900-gram options. Some of our erosion control products are made of coconut coir, such as erosion control blankets, erosion control mat, fiber rolls, and the erosion control log. var osGallery4_650018756 = function (container, params) { else if (os_imgHtml.length > 34){ 'zoom', } jQuerGall('#os_progres_img-4_650018756:last' ).attr('class', ""); jQuerGall("#cat-"+data.catId+"-4_650018756").append(data.html); data: { Contact Us. } } jQuerGall("#cat-"+data.catId+"-4_650018756").append(data.html); return; } var os_vimeo_link = os_vimeo_link.substr(os_vimeo_link.lastIndexOf('/')+1); var href = window.location.href; jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").css("background", "#808080"); end: jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").attr('data-end'), + id); //show load more/hide progress image We provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to help address erosion control and horticultural challenges. // Params We have all your site and erosion control products on hand including geotextiles, sandbags, coir logs and more. beforeShow: function(){ } var os_fb_group_count =; jQuerGall.ajax({ We import virgin mattress … if (os_show_load_more == 'auto'){ (this instanceof osGallery4_650018756)) return new osGallery4_650018756(container, params); if(document.getElementById(img_el_id) !== null){ if(data.limEnd == -1) os_fancy_box_group_item_tmp.type = 'iframe'; jQuerGall(window).scroll(osg.loadMoreScroll) They are made by stuffing coir fibre inside tubular enclosures made of knotted coir yarn. if(!inProgressAjax ){ Un-Seeded Erosion Control Blankets & Meshes, Permanent Erosion Control Blankets & Mats, Un-Seeded Erosion Control Blankets & Mesh. clickSlide : osg.params.fancSettings.clickSlide, Questions about coir products? if (pos1 > -1) { American Coir Products offers a range of coir fiber erosion control products. axis : 'y' Salix have developed a range of specific species mixes for use in … Visit the Coir Overview for more information about coir fiber rolls and other solutions. All our coir and jute products are manufactured according to the highest industry standards in our production plants based in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. // resize html block to image width clickContent : function( current, event ) { osg.resizeGallery(); clickContent : function( current, event ) { data: { beforeLoad: function() { Coir Rolls are available from stock in a variety of planting variations, our ‘standard mixed’ Coir Roll is extremely popular and highly recommended. Itemid: '144', In general, the diameter is 30cm and 3m or 4m long. Ideal for assisting in establishing revegetation projects and creating wetland ecosystems these products are water permeable and water absorbent. if(catId){ if (href.indexOf('#cat-') > -1) { jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").removeAttr("disabled"); Questions about Erosion Pollution' erosion control logs or other coir products? 'share': 'share', } } dataType: "json", 'zoom': 'zoom', jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").attr('disabled','disabled'); else { var naturalWidth = jQuerGall('.htmlWidthAsImage#data-html-'+id+' .imgInHtml img').prop('naturalWidth'); offers 73 erosion coir roll products. var scrollPoint = jQuerGall('.scrollPoint_'+"4_650018756").offset(); url: 'index.php?option=com_osgallery&format=raw', if (href.indexOf('&os_image_id') > -1){ history.pushState(null, null, href + '#cat-' + curCatId);}

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