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Automate the creation and management of map services to be published with ArcGIS Server. ArcGIS 10.1 ArcGIS 10.3 ArcGIS 10.4 ArcGIS 10.5 ArcGIS Desktop Recent Articles Video Creating Map Books with Data Driven Pages in ArcMap written by Tripp Corbin March 22, 2018 The map pages are stored within a ArcMap project (MXD). Unchecking the check box disables Data Driven Pages functionality. It can be map features. ","PYTHON"), # Copy selected features to in-memory workspace, arcpy.CopyFeatures_management(fc,"in_memory/SelectedAssets"), arcpy.FeatureToPoint_management("in_memory/SelectedAssets","in_memory/AssetCentroid","CENTROID"), notesText.text = "Notes: _________________________________________________________________________", # Loop through selected records and create map book. I currently do this with a custom add-in for desktop, but would like to be able to move the process to pro. This will bring up the dialog to … The discovery of ArcGIS Pro. Arcpy.mapping is a Python scripting module that is part of the You can find out more from ArcGIS Help 10.2 for Data Driven Pages. Arcpy.mapping can be used to automate map Arcpy.mapping is a Python scripting module that is part of the ArcPy … page, PNG-root-nnnnnn.png, where nnnnnn is the page number. I work with a lot of data that has the same extent. “Data Driven Pages” is the term used to describe some new functionality in ArcGIS 10 that allows you to create a multi-page map series from a single map document. The custom add-in we currently have uses Arcpy. Also, would like to be able to customize layout properties of items and display for each map page using arcpy. Map series pages are shown by group in the Contents pane, which is useful when navigating the series. To start, turn on the Data Driven Pages Toolbar. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Arcpy.mapping is a Python scripting module that is part of the ArcPy site package. Dynamic text (for example, page name and page number). This toolset also contains other tools to help you create a map book. A feature layer, or index layer, divides the map into sections based on each index feature in the layer and generates one page per index feature. "ArcGIS Pro 1.2 is planned for release in Q4 2015. It modifies the text elements and map extent to act like they would with the data driven functionality. For more information, see Creating Data Driven Pages. Data Driven Pages can be based on a regular grid of polygons. You can also use points and lines as long as you use a feature layer. This module provides functions to automate exporting and I'll try this out in the coming weeks. with arcpy.da.SearchCursor("in_memory/AssetCentroid", ['AssetID','CONDITION','LastInspection','DESCRIPTIO','Length','SHAPE@XY','STRUCTURE1']) as cursor: # Set different map extents for different sized features, # Create string from Condition domain value, # Update Title, Condition, and Last Inspection text elements, locationText.text  = "Location: " + str(row[3]), structureText.text  = "Structure: " + str(row[6]), assetText.text = "Asset ID: " + str(row[0]), conditionText.text  = "Condition: " + conditionValue, lastInspectionText.text = "Last Inspection Date: " + str(row[2]), # Update map frame extent to the current asset feature, lyt.exportToPDF(os.path.join(pdfOutput,"Asset" + str(row[0]) + ".pdf")), pdfDoc.appendPages(os.path.join(pdfOutput,"Asset" + str(row[0]) + ".pdf")), # Set document properties – Change pdf_author to your name or the name of your organization. 0 comment. Map Series allows you to create map books and atlases using ArcGIS Pro. 1. This check box needs to be checked to create, view, and utilize Data Driven Pages. The index layer does not have to be a grid. when converting a single page). For full documentation on Pro Layouts, see the . Pdftopng reads a configuration file at startup. Because of the different variations of the color, we don't recommend using this symbol layer for data-driven visualizations. Data Driven Pages allow you to quickly and easily create a series of layout pages from a single map document. To use Data Driven Pages you first need to create or identify an index layer. Assuming you’ve already built a state map book using data driven pages, let’s go ahead and get started! Data Driven Pages in ArcGIS Pro (Customization), AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction), Comunidad Esri Colombia - Ecuador - Panamá, Create a map book with Python—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS for Desktop, The ability to publish and use vector tiles, Mobile map packages for deployment on all your devices. Thank you Jennifer! However, The toolbox and many of the tools/scripts that you have written should work.....assuming they have the equivalent arcpy or tool supported in Pro. In this class on the use of ArcGIS Pro, Esri's next generation GIS software, you will learn to find, connect to, create, manage, and analyze that data. Map Series allows you to create map books and atlases using ArcGIS Pro. (Thus retiring ours and avoiding any tweaks I may need to make). Additionally, some counties that are home to large cities also contain inset maps. where each map page displays a portion of the larger geographic area based on a feature's geometry. 2) Right click on the blank grey area of the toolbar in ArcMap and switch on the ‘Data Driven Pages’ toolbar. By default, the pages are numbered sequentially beginning with 1 based on the page order from the Sort Field. In ArcGIS Pro, this feature is map series. You can easily re-create this strip map using Data Driven Pages, the geoprocessing tools available from the Data Driven Pages toolset, data frame properties, and dynamic text. Freelance ArcGIS Specialist with 25+ years Esri software experience, working principally with ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcPy/Python, Geoprocessing (including Geoprocessing Services and ModelBuilder), Data Driven Pages, Zoology & Genealogy. Learn how to use the Map Series function in ArcGIS Pro. ArcPy site package. Only dynamic parts of the layout change with each page. Does anyone know if ArcGIS Pro has Data Driven Pages capabilities yet? Data driven pages allows you to export pages as a mapbook. Please refer to Share a web style for instructions of publishing a dictionay symbol webstyle from ArcGIS Pro. It will include:,, Thanks Dan! Does anyone know if ArcGIS Pro has Data Driven Pages capabilities yet? For example, you can export all 50 US states into a PDF mapbook by the click of a button. The data comes from the World Topographic map service available at ArcGIS Online. In order to use Data Driven Pages to build a map book you need to use Arcpy.mapping. Build a variety of PDF map books: A thematic or temporal map book with title page, multiple map pages, and any number of additional pages with supporting content such as tabular reports and contact lists. The waveDirection represents the direction in which the waves travel. With this toolbar turned on, next click on the create data driven pages button on the left side of the toolbar. Every page in the map series has a page number. I, too, am excited to see and work with version 1.2. In this case, a page is created for each state. The functionality was introduced at ArcMap 10, but, to my mind, remains one of the unsung heroes of the software suite. Any changes made to static elements of the layout will be reflected on each page of the map series. In a map series, the extents to be used for the map pages are defined by the features in a There are two types of map series: Spatial map series—The extent for each page is a feature. Learn how to use the Map Series function in ArcGIS Pro. In the Table of Contents (TOC) make a copy of the Index layer. Right-click the layer name and select Copy. These include the Calculate Adjacent Fields geoprocessing tool, which is used to create fields in your index layer that can be used to label the adjacent page in a map book; two tools to calculate spatial reference strings specific for each feature in your index, Calculate Central Meridian and Parallels and Calculate UTM Zone geoprocessing tools; and a tool, Calculate Grid Convergence Angle, that can be used to rotate each Data Driven Page to true north.

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