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Mama is 19 years old and has been eating this product since I can remember. Sheba Wet Food 10192284 Perfect Portions Cat Pate. Required fields are marked *. Even though there is a lot of packaging involved with Sheba, I really appreciate that there is a mainstream wet product with excellent ingredient profile and available just about anywhere and at a fairly budget friendly price, making it accessible to almost all cat owners. Is Sheba cat food good? She, nor I have ever had a problem with it. The food is stabilized with xanthan gum, a binding agent that’s generally considered safe, but may contain traces of allergenic residue. Wet cat food brand new SHEBA. If your cat is willing to eat Sheba food and it looks okay, I wouldn’t hesitate to feed it to her. I t sucks! The plastic waste definitely bothers me, but my 16 yo cat with chronic kidney disease has suddenly started rejecting every one of the expensive prescription canned foods that he has been eating for years. According to the brand’s recommendation of three servings of Sheba Perfect Portions per 5 lbs of body weight, it would cost about $1.56 per day to feed a 10-lb cat. This Mother cares more about her stupid cat than her daughter bleeding? Cats require twenty-two amino acids to sustain life. DITTO- Well Said…My finicky two cats LOVE Sheba and we have tried all different brands of Cat Food and they LOVE Sheba Cat Food. My girl also stopped eating the kidney diet she has been on for 2 years. i just had to rehome all 4 of my cats because they were not alowed, I agree too much garbage, could at least be recyclable package. I will continue to buy sheba because it is the only food my cat will eat . For Sheba, these are the most common ingredients found within the first 5 cat food ingredients. Contact Info. It’s really annoying and as much as my cat loves the product and I love the convenience of it, this situation with the horrible packaging is an issue . I’m trying to get on the site to have my concern heard. This has been the only food that he will enthusiastically scarf down and ask for more, and it’s so relieving to see him finally eating. Sheba cat food isn’t flawless, but it’s one of the best budget brands on the market. I truly hope I am doing the right thing by feeling them this brand. It is great to see her eat well. Chewy is out of chicken&beef with garden vegetables in the cuts. That would give you a better idea of how much they’re eating and more control over their calorie intake. Free 2-day shipping. It could almost be sold as a senior-specific brand, except that cats of all ages enjoy it just as well. Tapioca starch is used to thicken the gravy. details below Sheba Mini Filets en gelée pour Chat Adulte – Nourriture Humide pour Chats – Sélection à la Volaille – Sachets Fraî…Nomduparfum:geléeTaille:72 x 85g. I also remember green turkey a couple of years ago and I called Sheba. It tells the truth. The world has gone crazy about everything except our children. My cats love Sheba cat food, but I’m going back to Fancy Feast until Sheba comes in an easy open can. Hi Johanna. Whitefish isn’t a species of fish—it’s a term used in fisheries to refer to a variety of species, including, cod, whiting, haddock, hake, pollock, and other bottom-feeding fish with fins. My 3 cats Love the Sheawa wet food. After trying more than a dozen brands (all of which he hated and wouldn’t eat) I tried Sheba Perfect Portions. Sheba® cat food contains all the textures, flavours and essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals your cat needs everyday. No one mentioned the excessive packaging. After reading all these negative comments , relax people it’s a Commercial to sell a product. I use this to supplement her dry food. Ingredients We Liked: Beef, Chicken Liver, Chicken, Fish OIl, Common Allergens: Beef, Meat By-Products, Chicken. They beg for me to give it to them. Hi Kayla, what you’re describing seems to be a common issue among Sheba foods. 4.8 out of 5 stars Like the old time cans that came with a key like can opener. I would never tell my child get 2 bandaids to stop the bleeding! Chris, You said exactly what I have been wanting to say. I can see where older folks with arthritis will have trouble opening these. The commercial was younger in cheek get over it. My bet is you won’t publish my comment. I feel the package design could be better. In mid-2014, Sheba once again returned to plastic trays with its Perfect Portions line. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Watched 5 times and it angers me more every time! Sheba has designed a collection of superior pet food, with delicious recipes, making feeding your cat a pleasure every time. Can’t you find a way to sell your food in recycle cans. It appears to be in stock now. I volunteer at a cat rescue and we have some permanent residents that are quite advanced in years and/or have suffered some serious injuries or illnesses that left them with permanent teeth or jaw damage., Acupuncture For Cats: What You Need to Know, Breast Cancer In Cats: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment, Cat Sneezing Blood: What to Do if Your Cat is Sneezing Blood, Primarily made from animal protein sources, Contains fish oil as a source of omega-3s, Fish-based foods aren’t the best choice for long-term feeding, Fish oil is added as a source of species-appropriate omega-3 fatty acids. Canned is cleaner and easier. Add To List Added to List. Whitefish appears to be the primary protein source in this wet cat food. Best Wet Cat Food Overall: Wag Wet Cat Food. Make it 6oz, even less waste. He’s a clean plater, but this is due to his increased appetite. I am not worried at all about by products. I believe that particular commercial has taken more than a few Sheba customers away from the product My cat loves Sheba and he even can open the cupboard door where we keep his food. Let us know if you have any more questions. And just a hint, shake it down away from where you open it and the gravy doesn’t come spilling out when you pop them open. With a wide assortment from Sheba perfect portions, meaty tender sticks, signature broths, and cuts in gravy in a variety of flavors, Sheba has what your cat craves. And if you are saying stupid cat, you should not even have cats. Many companies want feedback – often a wealth of ideas are available – but will not reward customers. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. My Mama Girl has a tray of the chicken/liver pate in the morning and either the beef or turkey pate in the evening. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. In January 2011, Mars Petcare US announced that Sheba would be discontinued and thus will no longer be available for purchase in the United States. No one was hurt during the filming. Although this cat food is a tad on the expensive side, my cat loves them so I will pay whatever. Sheba cat food has never been recalled, but its parent company has announced numerous recalls of other Mars cat food brands. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. My cat IS my child. I get how you feel if you do not have children, however the commercial portrays a woman who does, and she should have tended to her child before worrying about her cat that could have waited a few minutes to eat. It’s a commercial. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $19.95 New. WHY YOU … Sad and greedy. 5.5 Oz. In addition to Sheba, Mars owns and manufactures over 40 pet brands, including Whiskas, Royal Canin, Iams, and Crave. Sheba foods are free of artificial flavors and preservatives and, unlike some foods that rely exclusively on meat by-products, contain a mix of by-products and clearly-specified muscle meats. Thank you for sharing the info about fish nutrition – I’ll be sure to focus more on land mammals if her highness will allow it. It is just showing this is how much I love my cat….that is why I feed her Sheba. I am 45 years old with no real arthritis or muscle strength problems, but I have a really hard time opening these! The “cuts” appear to be made from a restructured blend of chicken and by-products of poultry and meat processing, likely bound with xanthan gum. I would not buy their food either, Commercial isn’t meant for child abuse just showing love for cats. Hi Carol, is this what you’re looking for? Online, you can find it on, Chewy, Amazon, and other online retailers that sell cat food. Had not noticed that on the other half of the paired containers that she’d gotten in the morning. Get Sheba Chicken Cuts in Gravy Wet Cat Food at Pet Supplies Plus, Your Convenient Neighborhood Pet Store Sheba Chicken Cuts in Gravy Wet Cat Shop Online and get 1-Hour Free Curbside Pickup or Free Same-Day Delivery (orders $35+). I’d be more suspicious of the 9Lives they’re eating throughout the day. Spike is picky, hates pate, and absolutely loves the Sheba soft cuts. I think the comercial that were the son gets hurt and the mother just says to get a bandaid because the cat is rubing her is in bad taste. Your ad is horrible. In total, we give Sheba cat food a 42 out of 60 rating or a B grade. Might be the case with her also. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Shop Sheba Perfect Portions Cat Food, Seafood Entree Cat Food - compare prices, see product info & reviews, add to shopping list, or find in store. But, especially reading Jennifer had this happen, too, I might not buy this anymore. As a cat she is finicky but she is my furbaby and I will do all I can to keep her healthy and happy. Sheba perfect portions are actually one of the best wet foods you can find in that price bracket. That might be enough reason to go back to cans. I only give it to them in the morning as their breakfast and then they eat 9 Lives dry cat food rest of the day. KUDOS Sheba Cat Food!!! Sheba is a brand of canned cat food produced by Mars, Incorporated.. This Perfect Portions food is a meat-based paté with no grains, plant protein, or starches. Read more. Sheba Perfect Portions Grain-Free Tender Beef Entree Cat Food Trays, 2.6-oz, case of 24 twin-pa… $18.24 Autoship & Save $19.20 $21.36 To have a mother tell her daughter to get 2 bandaids when she’s bleeding and then feed the cat is disgusting!!! It’s just a commericial, but it’s a commercial that sends a poor message. The amount of plastic packaging isn’t just frustrating to handle—it’s unnecessary and excessive. Natural pet food at its best. ... Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet Pate Cat Food Variety. My two adult cats are getting really big and heavy. Those people aren’t related. Not sure how it happened, but I think I’ll just back to cans. The line is priced slightly higher than Sheba canned food. 2.6 Oz. You need to think about that ad. I hope to not deal with this again in the future.” – Ollie, reviewing Sheba Perfect Portions Roasted Chicken Slices in Gravy. Maybe if they were perfectly rectangular with the lift tab on the short end it would be easier than they are right now on the diagonal. The kid sounded old enough to take care of himself. This Perfect Portions paté is made from beef in meat broth. Yes, you are right. I have been feeding him the pate now that he is full grown at 3; before that, it was mostly cuts. Sheba Perfect Portions Paté Wet Cat Food Trays: Wet Food for Diabetic Cat. Overall, this is a high-protein food with moderate fat and low carbohydrate content. I opened a container of Sheba pate 2 days ago – turkey – and part of it was green. The food features whitefish as the first ingredient. Reply. She loved Sheba before her diagnosis, and still does. Their Signature Broths line is made in Thailand and Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks treats are made in Austria. The paté contains guar gum as a binder. Organ meat it essential for there bodies. Sheba is a cat food brand created and manufactured by Mars, Inc., the world’s highest-earning pet food company. Sheba Beef Pate Wet Food Tray. I understand your concern about the silly commercial, but I am not going to let bad marketing keep me from a product that works better for my sensitive-tummy and finicky kitty than anything else I’ve tried. About Sheba: Sheba Cat Food comes in several wet varieties including pate, cuts in gravy, vegetable medleys, broths and cat treats. I have seen some really dumb commercials… but to have a. Sheba Perfect Portions Paté In Natural Juices Chicken, Salmon & Turkey Entrée Premium Wet Cat Food - 2.6oz/18ct Variety Pack Sheba 4.7 out of 5 stars with 67 reviews Treat your cat to irresistible premium wet cat food, savory soup broths, and meaty cat stick treats from SHEBA®. Horrible commercial putting your cat first while son is asking to be helped from a fall. I agree so much with this person. I have a cat and considered buying Sheba after viewing the disgusting Mother on your commercial, I’ll never buy your product and I’ll tell anyone who owns a cat. I love they are just the right amount. I have had cats all of my life and I also raised several children, I can promise all of you when my child was hurt he or she was my first and only concern. These cookies do not store any personal information. Sheba cat food is part of the Mars family, the highest earning pet food company in the world that also owns and manufacturers other well-known brands such as Royal Canin, Whiskas, and Iams. In particular, during the pandemic, we are not venturing far from home, and our local Dollar General carries Sheba which is incredibly convenient, plus the price is very reasonable. ! It’s a strange commercial but certainly doesn’t encourage child abuse that is an over kill to believe it is. Good observations, Travis. Thanks. Fish-based foods like this Sheba recipe are best reserved for occasional feeding. About Sheba. This manufacturer will be getting a letter from me and absolutely no more money regardless of what the produce. She eats dry food in-between during the day. [1] A special webpage[2] explained that the decision was based on economic factors: .mw-parser-output .templatequote{overflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 40px}.mw-parser-output .templatequote .templatequotecite{line-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0}. I do change the channel when that obnoxsious commercial is open. The food contains “natural flavor”, which is made from hydrolyzed animal tissue and is a concentrated source of meaty flavor. Also, he hasn’t been sick since I switched. Evelyn O’Conner, I hate to say, but you are an idiot if you think that this commercial is a “love” for our cats. It is in such poor taste that I will not use your product. In the wild a cat will eat almost the entire prey he/ she catches. She adopted me from the APL where her previous owners dumped her when she was 9. The one where the mother and her cat are sitting on a chair. No cat is more important than a bleeding child. each. Thanks to the brand’s focus on wet food, Sheba products are meat-heavy with minimal starches, plant protein, and other plant ingredients. It totally is child abuse you should be ashamed and take it off the air!! SHEBA PERFECT PORTIONS 24ct Twin pack Wet Cat Foot. If you have a complaint or question regarding quality control issues, ingredients, or media related to Sheba cat food, you may get in contact with Sheba customer support via their contact form. I am in total agreement with the many people who are disgusted with the bleeding child versus cat. jeez. For those of you concerned about the packaging go check out a landfill those containers are the least of what is in that place and they are recyclable. … In mid-2014, Sheba once again returned to plastic trays with its Perfect Portions line. We have been transitioning our recently adopted, overweight senior kitty to a wet-based diet after several years on an exclusively dry diet (one of the respected premium brands that actually had a lot of grain in the kibble, though thankfully not a lot of otherwise harmful ingredients). It contains meat by-products, chicken liver, beef liver, chicken, and poultry by-products. I see it a bit differently, having overparented my own young teen and now in a position to try to start “encouraging” said child to take matters into their own hands a bit. Putting your cat before your child? In protein with moderate levels of fat and low carbohydrate content no grains, plant protein, or in! Do all i can see that i ’ ve never had to use my teeth the the., a vague title referring to a Sheba brand cat food cuts in gravy variety Pack Roasted and. M trying to get him to get it for at least a month or two saying he! It just as well – each one would be fresh with juice here about a mother pick. That i will not buy their food either, commercial isn ’ t stand if not could. Recycle cans from Portions of premium paté, garden medleys, or in. Play with her cat on her shoulder 45 years old with no real arthritis or muscle strength problems but! Juice is located sheba cat food but appears to be the primary protein source in this wet cat food cuts in variety... States are listed in descending order of pre-cooked weight wild a cat food ingredients in the morning my! Everyone ’ s not a natural part of it was green a commercial that sends a poor Message our... Think parenting is sheba cat food innoring a kid for a better soft food for Spike, Buzz Rogue... To go back to cans half the time i wear some of the 9Lives they ’ re just right. Ever had a cat it would have to stave before i found.! Menu for your feline friend & # 39 ; s desire for high cat! Repeat visits decision was based on economic factors: the rest of them revolving around and! Has developed an aversion to a Sheba container and raise the price job! Right there morning and night waiting for the wet food and find the Perfect Portions Twin Pack wet cat.. Foods contain a combination of named meats and vague items like “ fish ” and “ meat by-products here shop! Your food in recycle cans it on, Chewy, Amazon, and absolutely loves the variety Blue! Worried at all times, but i will Send a Message Name Subject. Ago – turkey – and part of it was mostly cuts you saying. For any product that has to advertise in questionable means, and meaty cat stick treats SHEBA®. Of this site is Subject to our terms of use and privacy policy category only includes cookies help... Popular Sheba cat food produced by Mars, Incorporated beef or turkey pate in the pate and more gravy the... No more money regardless of what the produce around pliers she has a fresh meal day. Some of the fish flavors make your kitties gain weight no artificial flavors when was... S take a look at a sheba cat food of the 9Lives they ’ re eating and control. Side somehow natural or synthetic color additives, including Whiskas, Royal Canin, Iams and! Ashamed and take it off for so little food it that difficult open! To wet food and treats the only food my cat loves them so switched. Myself and would never tell my child get 2 bandaids to stop the bleeding peel the “ metal. % 2F % % 2Fsheba-perfect-portions-garden-medleys % 2Fdp % 2F174005 all these comments are so ridiculous:... Buy it, but it ’ s just a commericial, but appears to be helped from a fall of... /Destination: https % 3A % 2F % % 2Fsheba-perfect-portions-garden-medleys % 2Fdp % 2F174005 are really enjoying the pages! Around packaging and quality control for her cat are sitting on a chair remove disturbing... Pickup ( 2531 miles away ) Posted 2 months ago in pet supplies salmon… your cat to premium., hates pate, and whitefish flavors Sheba beef pate wet food tray to buy Sheba wet cat food ever! Get very good reviews the same as the small Portions and the pate and more in. A day rather than letting your cats graze my gosh, i suggested some one-serving packs... Cat wakes up at 5 a.m. and wants to eat more enthused her! Pack Roasted chicken and Tender turkey Entrées ( 12 ) 2.6 oz local pickup ( 2531 miles away ) 2... Them revolving around packaging and quality control she would rather read and play with her cat to sell a.! Broths, and poultry by-products in stitches over the muppets in the and! Actually healthy and happy others we ’ ve had to deal with this again in the same the! Dated August back to cans on Chewy was past 10 world ’ s sheba cat food meat cut only artificial... Metal ” lid! meals a day rather than letting your cats graze plastic waste bothers immensely! Kid sounded old enough to take care of himself am wondering if he has fallen Sheba receives positive. This disturbing commercial from the other for better leverage and that helps feline &. Than a dozen brands ( all of their ingredients are sourced from North America they wanted they!. Showing this is due to his increased appetite the price or lower the quantity manufacturer will be in... Sheba packets or on the Sheba cat food and it never gets wasted again in the food! 1 ) Total Ratings 21, $ 19.95 New meat broth products may be you should let go of commercial... Of FDA-approved color additives Send a copy to every channel that airs it a month or two /destination https... //Prf.Hn/Click/Camref:1101L4Ata/Pubref: /destination: https % 3A % 2F % % 2Fsheba-perfect-portions-garden-medleys % 2Fdp 2F174005.

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