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Her speed is due to a narrow profile, not a high engine power to weight ratio so she will bleed speed in turns faster than Amagi bleeds hp. ... the ships of the new branch have a larger dispersion ellipse at long distances in comparison to other cruisers. Soviet Cruisers Teaser - Mar 7, 2016 - World of Warships Official Channel - YouTube Their sterns have an additional armour plate behind them to prevent citadels except for the budget Sovetsky. Volunteer, firefighter, collective labour, 2 more charges and 10% faster reload at the cost of 20% duration, Faster dam control reload and fire resistance at the cost of some duration, use collective labour until you reach level 3 of the 3rd skill, then use Volunteer, 2 more repair charges, better heals and faster reload. Below are diagrams showing all Russian Cruiser and Battleship Citadel locations. I wish I had the battleships so I could post a few replays here to show how to perform in each ship during a brawl. Anyway, the Kremlin is based on the Project 24 of battleships from the Soviet Navy. Thanks Umbra, much appreciated as always and super informative. Wikimedia Commons has media related to World War II battleships of the Soviet Union: Pages in category "World War II battleships of the Soviet Union" The following 7 pages are in this category, out of 7 total. However, most of the dodging should occur before the torpedos or destroyers have been spotted. She is an excellent battlecruiser, trading some armour for increased speeds and manoeuvrability. I collected 8 dev strikes just yesterday. Entries are listed by initial year of service descending. With my limited experience, I picked up on many of these things, or rather collected the data, but I had no idea how to use it. Thank you for the guide. Soviet Battleships. This community is quite laid back. Very informative! It seems we have had similar luck with the crates and I’ve only got the tier 3 ship as well. With an experienced and/or a willing to learn player is at the help, these ships feel like the "alpha predators" in an engagement. Dvenadsat Apostolov was a pre-dreadnought battleship built for the Black Sea Fleet, the sole ship of her class.She joined the fleet in mid-1893, but was not fully ready for service until 1894. Watch out for your broadside, I got erased by a Końig in one shot. An old ship from times long gone. Now because RNG has screwed me over, the only ship I got from 23 small and 3 big crates is the garbage barge, Gangut. PS. Her armour is extraordinary and she has an absolutely massive health pool. If you see an angry man on his Kongo hunting Soviet bbs please remember to show broadside so he can accelerate your death. 1. Your guides are top notch as always, also I'd like to point out that some BBs suffer from the Nelson/Yamato syndrome, in which they are as armored as a freaking bunker but there's a specific sweet spot where the armor is thin enough to get completely obliterated, (maybe Nelson wasn't the best example as her "weak spot" is her whole bow, but you get what I mean) Generally iirc the BBs weak spot tends to be at the point of the bow so angling is your best friend and bow tanking is a good way to kill yourself fast, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the WoWs_Legends community, Press J to jump to the feed. Don't run Gellar if you actually want to do damage. The battleships of this nation are usually massive and have the thickest armour and largest HP pools. Why this ship is the best: Tier I is … Extreme fire resistance? Thanks to a flatter trajectory, shells from Tier VIII–X ships reach their targets faster than shells from their counterparts. From the tier 6 onwards, they have excellent firing angles so they bounce shells while being able to fire a full broadside. Why this ship owns this tier: The Nassau is the best battleship in tier III because of how simple it is to play. Wait for the initial blitz to be over then bully the enemy cruisers until their lines buckle. No citadel deck armour values because you should not be in those ranges anyways. These ships … Secondary range, dispersion and sigma increase. You will be completely obliterated when broadside. However, they are generally among the largest cruisers in the game, with proportionately large citadels and lousy concealment values as a result (the Tier X Moskva being nearly the size of Yamato). She was the hardest ship for me to learn. Thousands of sailors and naval equipment were drafted to reinforce the Red Army as needed, fighting with incredible valor in many significant engagements, including the Battles of Odessa, Sevastopol, Stalingrad, Novorossiysk, and Leningrad. Devblog Wows. © 2011–2020 They were designed in response to the battleships being built by Germany. Overall their anti-aircraft armament is middle-of-the road, and sufficient primarily for self-defense (with a few notable exceptions such as Tier VIII premium Mikhail Kutuzov). The radar will help Soviet battleships to detect heavy enemy ships: battleships and aircraft carriers behind islands, in smoke, or in a cyclone. Ships of USSR. PLAY FOR FREE CIS. Is there anything I can improve on or change? - May 3, 2016 - World of Warships Official Channel - YouTube, Soviet Cruisers: Branch Review - July 8, 2020 - News - World of Warships, Soviet Battleships. I like her. But then again even in real life I'm always one of those kind of guys that people had to hold back at the parties. This will be a matter of personal choice. You gotta take the fight to the enemy and she's very unforgiving if you have aloof teammates. Best Cruiser: Hermelin (Germany) Check out Hermelin stats here. Squall Line: Russian Destruction - 10/08/2015 - News - World of Warships (destroyers) Sail your battleship with confidence! Range of Guaranteed Acquisition of ships +50%. World of Warships Tier III Best Battleships. Only four hulls of the fifteen originally planned had been laid down by 1940, when the decision was made to cut the program to only three ships to divert resources to an expanded army rearmament program. Cookies help us deliver our Services. They have a fast rudder shift time. World of Warships Soviet ships. Flag images indicative of country of origin and not necessarily primary operator. The Soviet Navy that fought in WW2 was a small (comparatively however on a larger scale than the kriegsmarine) in 1941, but with losses and fall in wartime production, dwindled rapidly; Nevertheless she was still an asset that Stalin used at best in the black sea and the Baltic until 1945. Dvenadsat Apostolov participated in the failed attempt to recapture the mutinous battleship Potemkin in 1905. I was surprised you said Jean Bart because man that's a cerebral ship. Destroyers. Sinop is extremely resistant to AP, so due the high height of her very highly armoured castmates so AP shells will simply bounce off. You have to put yourself in a very dangerous position to be effective in this line. Your ship will definitely be destroyed more than the campers, but you will have done much more damage and supported the team more. Good accuracy at medium ranges. Wait for cruisers to angle in a bit then fire AP so it over penetrates less. Since Soviet Battleships have a limited number of Repair Party activations this skill looks even better than ever. Unfortunately, these ships are quite clumsy as their turning radius is usually more than 900 metres. To log in, select the region where your account is registered, Or use Microsoft Login to enter WoT XBOX ecosystem, Squall Line: Russian Destruction - 10/08/2015 - News - World of Warships, Soviet Destroyer Sub-Branch - find out more! Only do this for low tier seal clubbing. Soviet Battleships: The History and Features of the In-Game Ship Models - 4/29/2019 - News - World of Warships Soviet Cruisers: Branch Review - July 8, 2020 - News - World of Warships (about Tallinn, Riga and Petropavlovsk) With this deadly combination of speed and quick-firing, highly accurate guns, they can repeatedly pound enemies at long ranges with impunity while having the flexibility to adapt to changing conditions on the battlefield when required. However, that is where the similarities end; Russian destroyers excel at long- to mid-range gunnery where they can keep their enemies at an arms' length. Do note that their front belts are angles horizontally, so you will bounce shells horizontally AND vertically. Their guns often fire out at similar or longer ranges than their American counterparts, but have flatter firing arcs and faster shell velocities, allowing them to snipe distant targets and even citadel lightly armored cruisers (since players can reliably fire at their broadsides at medium ranges, something that American destroyers struggle with). The most important thing to know is not to fear death. Russian cruisers[5] are similar to their American and German counterparts — focusing on gunnery — but are more or less the eponymous "jack of all trades" cruisers. Her bow is vulnerable to overmatching, unlike her dreadnought counterparts. You have to rely on their rudder shift and your own wit to get you out of these situations. She packs 12 256mm guns, 8 of which turn to the rear instead of the front. New Ships Added to WoWs. Gunnery focused with great ballistics and short-range torpedoes 2. However, that is where the similarities end; Russian destroyers excel at long- to mid-range gunnery wher… AP was a bit underwhelming at first, but I just got off french and german BBs and I was at long range(stupid me I know). Her guns hit extremely hard, have outstanding accuracy and high penetration values. In all 27 million roubles would be spent in R&D throughout 1937, testing a hull form model in a ship model basin all along 1938. She is quite inaccurate, having a horrible sigma of 1.4 but her main battery volume more than makes up for it. Storozhevoi II Derzki III Izyaslav IV Gremyashchy V Okhotnik V Podvoisky V Gnevny VI Leningrad VII Minsk VII Kiev VIII Ognevoi VIII Neustrashimy IX Tashkent IX Udaloi IX DD R-10 X Grozovoi X Khabarovsk X X. Cruisers. They feature high speeds, around 27-29 knots for the entire line. border humping will not work. The Sovetsky Soyuz-class battleships, also known as "Stalin's Republics", were a class of battleships begun by the Soviet Union in the late 1930s but never brought into service. Get the latest news and developments here and play for free! All rights reserved. Main features of USSR Destroyers: 1. This page was last modified on 4 October 2020, at 14:18. Jellicoe for 10% longer heals and Takagi to have more healable damage, Hyde for more health and AL Nelson for damage reduction. If not, watch our new video about upcoming Soviet Battleships, inspired by Soviet cinematography. If the optimum and maximum threshold is the same the ship can fire all its artillery with great angling. Sinop is the only soviet battleship without a highly armoured deck, so she is more vulnerable to HE penetrations. I have sinop and she is tanky. Soviet Battleships: How To - May 27, 2019 - World of Warships Official Channel - YouTube. 2. However, the dispersion ell… Great for destroying enemy Destroyers from mid-range 4. This is a very unforgiving and hard to use line. It is important to remember that Destroyers do not have Citadels.. A ship's Citadel will always be well-armoured, so make sure you're not at too steep of an angle (60-68 degrees, depending on your nation), or too far away, to penetrate. You can also use the first skill to troll cruiser HE. By Joby. They are well balanced except for a few exceptions. compensated by an easily accessible citadel. Her guns have excellent handling but have an incredibly long reload of 36 seconds. Her casemate is extremely well armoured and only the largest AP secondaries can have a chance of penetrating when you are broadside. Soviet Battleships The battleships of this nation are usually massive and have the thickest armour and largest HP pools. They have humungous noses, with usually enough space to fit two more turrets, but the Soviets put crap tonnes of armour instead. Good ships to play if you love seeing big numbers pop up on your screen. Not only that, but his inspiration is also not really needed for these ships. Extremely well-armoured brawler. Learn how to play battleships in WoWS. People who are afraid to get their ship beaten up and/or destroyed. Situational awareness and a quick rudder shift is your only counter. - March 3, 2017 - News - World of Warships, Soviet Cruisers Teaser - Mar 7, 2016 - World of Warships Official Channel - YouTube, Squall Line: From Ashes to Steel - 03/23/2016 - News - World of Warships, Soviet Cruisers Set Sail! Animated Feature - Apr 16, 2019 - World of Warships Official Channel - YouTube, Soviet Battleships: The History and Features of the In-Game Ship Models - 4/29/2019 - News - World of Warships, Soviet Battleship Branch Review - 05/27/2019 - News - World of Warships, Soviet Battleships: How To - May 27, 2019 - World of Warships Official Channel - YouTube, Destroyers of the Imperial Russian Navy (Wikipedia), Soviet World War II destroyers (Wikipedia), Battleships of Russia and the Soviet Union (Wikipedia), Their main weakness is torpedos as they have no hydroacoustic search consumable like the germans and they have weak torpedo belts. they have limited damage control charges. There are two different answers to this question. Gangut is a well-armoured dreadnought that shatters all HE and is immune to overmatched citadels. These armored giants can dominate the seas if used properly! If you ever want to avenge your burnt BB, load HE and a -20% fire chance rebuild to troll their fires and then dev strike cruisers with your HE. Sorry lads, but try the germans first if you want a tanky battleship. insane accuracy? She participated in the suppression of the Boxer Rebellion in 1900 be… I think I’m going to enjoy brawling in these more than the German BB line. Do note that their forward main belts are angled as well. I’m just here to game, man. The brawler commander perk and Target acquisition upgrade will increase the torpedo detectability range by 30%. Expect to have the majority of your health taken away when even a bit too much broadside is shown. I will be online for the rest of the day to answer your questions. Nice firing angles, bow tanking, fast(in a straight line), consistent hits. She gains much better engine power and with it comes superior handling. 1 degree per second traverse, outstanding skill and is useful for all battleships. Have you ever seen Soviet movies? The guns of these battleships are usually the largest calibre and feature exceptional penetration and damage values. Since these ships are meant to be played as the tip of the spear in a flank, firing angles are necessary to avoid AP penetrations. Vladivostok's guns have excellent damage and ballistics but slightly fall behind in penetration. They have extremely long reloads, however, ranging from 36 to 33 seconds. Altogether, they were the least capable of the final generation of fast battleships. Ridiculously thick armour? And no, I do not mean the people who rush in and die because "muh secondary build". World of Warships - free-to-play naval warfare-themed massively multiplayer game from Wargaming. Coupled with their slow turret turning speeds, Russian destroyers will struggle against the American destroyers in a close-range gunnery knife fight. Recommended build During the testing of the Poltava, I used the following captain build and upgrades: This page has been accessed 1,116,542 times. She can still easily face enemy battleships with her incredible accuracy and devastating firepower. They have outstanding broadside, bow and deck armour which bounce and shatter almost all shells when angled. Get the latest news and developments here and play for free! Graphs, spreadsheets, equations for every angle and trajectory: I feel like I’ve stumbled into the wrong after school club. Reduced models of the underwater protection, compartimentation and bul… They have an extremely thick extended bow belt, which makes them immune to citadels when angled. This list may not reflect recent changes . Great for setting enemy Battleships on fire from a distance 5. then play another line to improve before you take on these things. They use a unique dispersion formula, which gives them pinpoint accuracy at close to medium ranges and becomes horrible after that. There are a total of [ 56 ] entries as part of the Soviet Union Warships List (Current and Former Types) in the Military Factory. Their torpedoes also leave much to be desired; the miserable effective range of 4.0 km persists until Tier VIII, and they will never exceed 10.0 km range even at top-tier; on the bright side, with fast speeds of 65-70 knots and a good number of 9 or 10 torpedo tubes on most destroyers, audacious captains can pull off spectacular ambushes or shotgun engagements (just don't forget about the minimum arming distance). They are much more forgiving. I didn’t even bring my protractor. Aggressive battleship players who push with the team. Do not give up dispersion, you need to devstrike dd with AP 10km away. Galler gives up rudder shift, speed, and fire resistance in favour of unneeded accuracy. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Izmail is quite different. After the end of the Russo-Japanese War, in which the Russian Navy lost nearly all of its capital ships, there was an apparent need for new ones to be built. The peculiarities of this branch emphasize their inclination to get up close and aggressively personal to their adversaries. If they ever get salty about this, simply say. This is in my opinion, the most well designed and thought out line Wargaming has ever put out. Large in size with long Rudder Shift Time 3. More than 100 models were tested, even one-tenth-scale launches for maniability at sea, while protection was seriously tested, a replica of the future armor decks on which a 500-kilogram (1,100 lb) bomb was dropped. Brawler is better as it provides faster reloads and torpedo spotting This compensates for your longer than average reloads. matter of personal choice. Squall Line: From Ashes to Steel - 03/23/2016 - News - World of Warships If you are the player who sits very far back with max accuracy commanders, you better watch out. However, with the outbreak of World War I, the plans to build additional same-type ships were set aside. Navarin was a pre-dreadnought battleship built for the Imperial Russian Navy in the late 1880s and early 1890s. After that, call for support and close in to brawl and beat the remaining stragglers up. They are not necessary for casual play. Their main weakness is torpedos. Faster reload and torpedo spotting at the cost of unneeded range. This allows her to be more of a kiting ship, as most of her firepower has favourable angles when kiting. How long do you just sit there to be sunk by secondary weapons? Sinop is an extremely well armoured and armed brawler. For some reason, Vladivostok gets above-average pen description in the game while having a lower pen, but Iowa has the best pen and does not qualify... Not that the ships here are one tier lower from the pictures as they are taken from the World of warships PC official website. (shes pretty). Thank you. It's not a community obsession thing, I just like to go into detail with my guides and the information that I share. These ships have built in extreme accuracy, so Galler is not required. I mean people who really know when to push in and take hits for your allies. the HE with your accuracy can very easily dev strike destroyers and citadel the living crap out of the lighter armoured cruisers. In the years between the World Wars, the rapidly-industrializing Soviet Union (or U.S.S.R.) planned to rebuild the navy, but the Great Purge prevented any meaningful progress and the Red Fleet would only have a handful of cruisers, obsolete battleships and a reasonable number of destroyers when the U.S.S.R. entered World War II in June 1942 with Operation Barbarossa (Germany's invasion of the Soviet … I prefer traverse since their secondaries are already good but lack range. Hi, 1. the game put commander by default on each ship, does it put the best commander for that ship by default, or is there some table of who is the best commander for each ship, or each kind of ships (like best cmdr for: dd, cruiser, bb, cv)? Just with my experience and testing. In comparison with her prototype, DD R-10 has a higher firing range and turret turn speed, and torpedoes have a higher … Her sides have a very exposed citadel, so angling must be maintained at all times. Close range is best range. The ship is a copy of soviet tier IX destroyer Tashkent in a researchable hull with improved armor and armament. Newer players. The turning radii and rudder shift of the entire line leaves much to be desired, but they do have excellent speed. World of Warships: Legends is celebrating its first mini-anniversary by bringing players rows of content for any kind of captain. Their secondary battery is strong but lacks range. traverse speed and rudder shift at the cost of dispersion, get better heals. After World War II, the Red Fleet was renamed the Soviet Navy[3], and went on to play a major role in the Cold War with the United States. In the current meta, survivability is very important. However, this did not stop the Red Fleet from performing with distinction: the Baltic Fleet used its sizable submarine fleet to great effect against the Kriegsmarine and the Finnish Navy despite suffering terrible losses themselves; the Naval Aviation service, while not having a single aircraft carrier, sank more ships and crew than any other unit; Russian resourcefulness and tenacity was exemplified by naval guns still being put to use even after extensive damage to individual ships (such as battleship Marat). Vladivostok features enhanced armour and more than a 100,000 increase in horsepower over Sinop. The ships lacked a dual-purpose secondary armament, which increased weight and reduced anti-aircraft effectiveness. Before I go, what the hell is this community’s obsession with treating this game like a college math course? Use islands as cover to close the gap. Their HE shells have a very high chance to set their targets on fire. you have to be willing to learn from your mistakes. Their citadels are very high up, and sometimes cover almost a third of their sides in height. - May 3, 2016 - World of Warships Official Channel - YouTube The ship was assigned to the Baltic Fleet and spent the early part of her career deployed in the Mediterranean and in the Far East. She is a decent ship that can serve well as a captain trainer for the Soviet battleships if people don’t want to spend more money on the Lenin that is just amazing at tier VIII. The brawler commander will be the most effective choice for these ships.

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